HIV/AIDS Services

CBWF's outreach and prevention mission is to create a healthier community by promoting self efficacy to reduce ones risk of STIs/HIV/Hepatitis through education, testing, and community support.

People living with HIV/AIDS

CBWF has an extensive network of providers that offer services to persons living with HIV/AIDS. As a community, our goal is to provide quality care and services that maximize the health and wellness of the Texas Gulf Coast residents living with HIV/AIDS. We are glad that you have found us. We are committed to working with you to provide the highest quality services possible to meet your needs.

CBWF provides comprehensive HIV/AIDS services. Services include medical treatment by a certified infectious disease specialist, medical case management to access and coordinate care and support services, mental health and substance abuse treatment, oral health, short and long term housing support, as well as other social services.

Services are provided within the perimeters and guidelines set by the taxonomy issued by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Please note:

• All services are based on availability of funding.

• Payment for services are only allowed to be made to providers who are contracted with CBWF.

• Contact your case manager before receiving services to assure that we can assist you with payment. Prior approval must be provided.

• CBWF is not allowed to make payments to clients directly. Payment for services must be made directly to the provider.

Case Management

Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation has a successful history of providing core and support services to HIV/AIDS clients in the communities we serve. Primary services provided are medical case management, such as medical adherence and financial assistance for ambulatory and pharmaceutical requirements; non-medical case management by providing social support services; disease education through outreach and prevention programs; substance abuse services; and housing.


To receive services from the Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation, potential HIV clients must meet the following criteria:


  • The individual must be HIV positive and have verifying documentation. Proof of HIV/AIDS diagnosis will be determined at intake into services by one of the following methods (reference TDSHS policy number HIV/STD 220.001)


  • A positive Western Blot laboratory result that includes the name of the client


  • A report of detectable HIV” viral load” that includes that name of the client


  • A signed statement from a physician, physician’s assistant, an advanced practice nurse or a registered nurse attesting to the HIV positive status of the person


  • A hospital discharge summary that documents HIV positive status


  • The individual must be a resident of the state of Texas


  • Acceptable documentation includes:
  • Valid drivers license
  • Valid state issued ID
  • Utility bill in client’s name
  • Lease in client’s name
  • Any reasonable proof that the client lives within the area served


Continued eligibility is based on compliance with the following:


  • Clients must have their file updated every 6 months
  • Clients must be receiving HIV medical care, as demonstrated by current medical progress notes and lab results. If the client chooses to use a non-contracted physician, it is the client’s responsibility to assure that CBWF receives necessary documentation.
  • If client is non-compliant, a delay in services may occur

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